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The One Mile Runner is David O’Meara’s personal laboratory for research, development and testing of new exercises, training methods, recovery techniques, athletic equipment and vegan products. Originally, supported by a team of consultants, the mission was to discover and develop new training methods that would help him increase his speed, improve his technique, prevent injury, and quickly recover after racing. The team consisted of a running coach, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, a message therapist, a pedorthist, an orthopedist, a sleep specialist, a registered dietitian and a life coach (for mental preparation). The strength, speed, injury prevention, and recovery methods created by this team have become the basis of The O’Meara Process Body Protection training program. David continues to innovate and drive himself to new levels of performance through intensive training and challenging events that combine one-mile races with extreme physical, environmental and logistical challenges.

The One Mile Runner Events

When David turned 45 in 2008, he celebrated with an event—it was personal challenge; a feat of speed. He was going to run a series of races that would be an experience of a lifetime. For the next 5 years, he would run more races and continually increasing the challenge by reducing his time to recover between races and even add the rigor of international travel. He documented his journey in his blog and continues to create events and run races to celebrate his age, health and speed. Here is his story:
David O'Meara | Picacho Peak, AZ | 2008 | Age 45

2008 | 20/20/20<5@45

Complete twenty one-mile races in 20 weeks in 20 different North American cities, all under 5 minutes at 45 years old.

David O'Meara | Portland, ME | 2009 | Age 46

2009 | The New England Marathon … One Mile at a Time

Complete 26.2 one-mile races in 27 different New England towns/cities in 61 days with a total cumulative time less than 2 hours 11 minutes (<5 minutes per mile on average).

David O'Meara | Monument Valley, UT | 2010 | Age 47

2010 | Around the World in Less than 30 Minutes

Complete 6 one-mile races, in 6 weeks, on 6 continents in less than 30 minutes total time (<5 minutes per mile on average).

David O'Meara | Stonehenge, UK | 2011 | Age 48

2011 | 5 Wonders Under 25 Minutes

Complete a one-mile race at each of five Wonders of the World over five months with a total cumulative time under 25 minutes (<5 minutes per mile on average).

David O'Meara | Mount Desert Island, ME | 2012 | Age 49

2012 | The Isles Mile Challenge

Complete 7 one-mile races in less than 5 minutes each, on 7 different islands, in 7 different time zones, in 7 consecutive weeks.

David O'Meara | Naxos, Greece | 2015 | Age 52

2015 | The Greek Islands Adventure

Complete 5 one-mile races, on 5 different Greek islands, all under 5 minutes within 15 days—only using boats as transportation between race locations.

2018 | The Midwest Challenge

2018 | The Midwest Challenge

To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of The One Mile Runner and his 55th birthday, David raced The Macklind Mile in the St. Louis heat.

2023 | Completion in the Carolinas

2023 | Completion in the Carolinas

The final One Mile Runner event celebrating 25 years of competitive running.

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